Zeynep Ozkan is a visual artist, born in Istanbul (1974), living and working in London. Her work is an intuitive exploration of colour, memory and our longing to connect to each other.

Fluctuating between abstraction and figuration, her images show a world consisting of characters absorbed internally, not quite acknowledging the other’s presence, seemingly floating in their separate spheres. Not dissimilar to the artist submerged in their element, carefully and in vain, trying to bring to life an abstract idea.

︎ @zozkan

2018-2019        Royal Drawing School, London - Postgraduate Scholarship, The Drawing Year.

1998 - 2000    MA in Philosophy UCL, London, UK

Group exhibitions

Life on Venus II, The Tub & The Auction Collective,  February 2021

The Greek Street Art Show 2,  2021

Curated for Covid, May 2020

The Drawing Year - End of Year Exhibition, Royal Drawing School Gallery, November 2019-January 2020

The Drawing Year - Open Studios, SPACE Studios,  December 2019

Best of the Drawing Year 2019, Christie’s, London, November 2019

Greek Street Art Show: Group exhibition at Gallery Maison Bertaux in Soho, London.


Borgo Pignano, Italy, July 2019


Sir Michael Moritz KBE

The Royal Collection